Vision, Mission, Core Values and Goals


The best cooperative bank in the Philippines providing responsive and quality banking services.


To extend financial and technical opportunities to cooperatives and the general public in a manner reflective of high degree of professionalism, probity and social responsibility.

Core Values

  • C - Cheerful Customer Service
  • B - Balanced and Fair Dealings
  • Q - Quest for Excellence
  • P - Professionalism


    CBQP seeks to pursue the following corporate goals:
  • PROFITABILITY - Sustain the bank's profitability by:
    1. maintaining 10% return on investment;
    2. increasing capital build-up to P100M; and
    3. maintaining a past due ratio of at least below 10%, and non-performing loan ratio of below 10%.

  • STABILITY - ensure the bank's stability by:
    1. maintaining a BSP CAMELS rating of at least 3.5;
    2. maintaining a deposit mix of 60% savings and 40% other deposit type;
    3. delivering and maximizing customer service for higher customer loyalty and first preference for CBQP;
    4. managing bank processes and procedures in adherence to regulatory agencies' rules and regulations, and
    5. establishing an an organizational culture of honesty, excellence, professionalism and meritocracy with clear leadership directions.

  • GROWTH - achieve bank growth by:
    1. establishing branches in growth areas while consolidating current branches towards better services and products;
    2. expanding market share in both deposit and loan products in the banking industry, and developing quality clients with a quality credit portfolio ; and
    3. utilizing new appropriate technology in the bank's operations, and upgrading personnel capabilities and competencies resulting in higher efficiency and productivity.