2018 Annual Assessment and Planning

   The Annual Assessment started at around 9:47 am, spearheaded by Chairman Glenn P. Tan, and it was followed by an opening prayer. A Zumba Dance was performed by the crowd to awaken their mind and as a starter pack before they undertake the presentation and the question & answer portion with the Board of Directors. Chairman Tan warmly welcomed the participants and he hoped that the 2018 Annual Assessment and Planning will help the bank to attain its target and to accomplish more for the upcoming 2019. The Chairman signaled to start the presentation and he gave a message of gratitude for the continuous efforts of the Management most especially the President – Ms. Cecilia A. De Guzman which is on her last term in service. It was followed by EVP Surquia on the presentation of agenda, the bank’s plan and strategies and the order of reporters per unit. The following are some of the highlights of the assessment:

- Operational Risk Assessment
- Compliance to the 2018 Plan of Activities
- 2019 Plans of Activities per branch/unit that will compliment and align to the overall bank plans and programs

After that is the Management Coaching/ Training with EVP of all VPs and SVPs at the same time Planning and Assessment with CCO, Treasury, Management Trainees (MTs), Security Officer, Audit, Human Resource Development Management (HRDM) and Information Technology (IT) Unit then proceeded to workshop regarding the discussion of result of Total Risk Assessment.