CBQP Halloween Trick or Treat

Held on October 27, 2018 at 2p.m. at CBQP Roofdeck. Ms. Patricia Enelo and Ms. Khriztine Kaw was assigned at the registration. Kids must guess “How many candies are in the jar?”. Halloween party began with an opening prayer led by Ms. Ananlyn I. Bacagan. The program was hosted by Precious Ronamae Surquia. Kids and even some of the employees lined up for face painting. They excitedly answered puzzles and colored the drawings.

Boys and girls introduced themselves and their character/costume. They were told to look under their tables and chairs to check the list of prizes as warm up for the games. Immediately after that, the program proceeded with games facilitated by Ms. Tretzel P. Samarita and assisted by Ms. Alex and Ms. Jess. Alyzza Gwen Padillo entertained the crowd with a special dance number. Ms. Enelo and Ms. Kaw announced who got the nearest number of candies in the jar and that was Zyana Amethyst Mogol who kept on smiling knowing that she can take home all the candies in the jar.

Judges for kids costumes composed of EVP Milagos A. Surquia, CCO Annabelle E. Fortunado and SVP Evylyn E. Nadal have decided who among boys and girls are the scariest, cutest and most unique and the winners are as follows: SCARIEST: Lanz Ivan Danganan (Skeleton) and Aldreah Grace De Guzman (Witch), CUTEST: Cymonne Loewis De Luna (Pumpkin) and Kirsten Micah Oineza (Princess) and MOST UNIQUE: Rian Gabriel Marasigan (Haunted toy house) and Guilianne Rei A. Espinosa (Not the typical witch). They also gave special awards to John Lexter Ramos and Jesusa Sambajon, bank employees who was in their best costumes. All the other kids were also given consolation prizes followed by picture takings and trick or treat. - M.R.Oineza