Team Empowerment 2019

With the goal of enabling employees to efficiently achieve organizational objectives by instilling initiative, sense of ownership, love of work, and enhancing social relations, CBQP once again held the Team Empowerment (commonly known as Team Building) on August 24, 2019 at the Primabella Resort and Events Place, Amethyst Street, Phase II, Brgy. Ibabang Iyam, Lucena City.

The programme commenced with an opening prayer followed by the welcome remarks of President Gaudioso A. Lavadia. After the welcome remarks, Dir. Bernie G. Obmasca, Chairperson of the Human Resource Development (HRD) Committee of Cooperative Bank of Quezon Province (CBQP), gave a short message to all employees present during the event. He emphasized on his message the importance of being healthy. He said that if the employees are healthy, they can perform their duties and responsibilities well and they can also contribute to the achievement of the bank’s target income for this year. He also gave some advice on how to maintain a strong and healthy body. According to him, it is important to drink plenty of water everyday and try to avoid eating too much sweets.

Afterwards, the facilitators were introduced and the team building proper took place.

In the first activity, the facilitators divide the group into two. Each group has four leaders who guided other members of the team who were blindfolded by just giving non-verbal signals or signs in order to accomplish the assigned task to them because they were not allowed to utter even a single word. In this activity, the importance of understanding non-verbal communication was emphasized. Mr. Philip Maaño and Ms. Raisa Marizka Ver, gave their observations right after the activity. They mentioned that they have noticed that Group 1 was composed of members who are risk-takers because they really tried their best to finish the assigned task, no matter what happens while Group 2 was merely systematic because they designated non-verbal cues for every step that they will take. They also wanted to complete the given task even not that fast and do it slowly but surely. The facilitators also added that it is important in every organization to have those two qualities: risk-taker and systematic are essential for the success of a company.

After explaining the directions to be done, the facilitators grouped the attendees based on the color of their shirts. Then, they asked them to make a living gallery portraying the CBQP.

Each team was asked to choose one representative to explain what they showed. It was observed that the team leaders were identified by their members. They were called in front and were asked to answer some questions. Then the morning session ended.

At exactly 1:00 p.m., the lecture of Ms. Maria Isabel Granada took place. She asked the question, “How to be HUE?” She revealed the meaning of the acronym HUE which stands for Happy, Understood, and Express. According to her, that’s what employees want to feel. They want to be happy, aimed to be understood and express their feelings to the management freely. If they can feel HUE in their workplace they will be satisfied and performed their jobs better. Ms. Granada also gave another meaning of HUE – Harmony, Unity, and Empowerment which are also very significant in an organization to achieve its goals and objectives.

The succeeding activities are pool games that awaken the spirits of the participants and group presentation which showcased the talents and skills of each team.

As appreciation to the facilitators, Certificates of Appreciation were awarded to them. The program ended with the closing remarks of Executive Vice-President Milagros A. Surquia and a picture-taking of all the participants together with the facilitators.—F.K. D.

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